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Luscious and Low Rent

You Know You Like It

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The food community where 'gourmet' is a bad word.
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Do you have a recipe or dish you love but wouldn't necessarily want to admit to in one of the more 'upper brow' foodie communities?

Please post it here, as me and my trashy brethren would love to hear about it, even (and especially) if it's really just something that has been doctored up for company.

If you're unsure if your recipe is appropriate for our community ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is one of the ingredients cream of mushroom soup, grape jelly, velveeta or cereal?
2. In general, is it the sort of recipe one might find in one of those church cookbooks?
3. Are there less than 3 ingredients?
4. Did you invent the recipe yourself while you were a poor college student?
5. Could the recipe be classified as a "Can of Stuff With Stuff On Top"?
6. Do you eat it in secret?
7. Does it contain squirrel meat?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above then get posting! However, if you couldn't answer any of the questions in the affirmative you will just have to use your instincts.

There are several items that we have seen posted a billion times, such as the bacon roll, bacon salt, and baconaise. We know all about them. Please don't post them.

This is a partially-moderated community. Your first post must be approved by a mod, but after that, your posts will not need to sit in the approval queue.

Community maintained by calandria If you need to contact a mod, we can be reached at trashy.eats.mods@gmail.com

P.S. We LOVE pictures! Though if you have more than one picture to share, please place the rest behind a LJ Cut.