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Zowie (s)he should have put some notes on that mess regarding cooking times. 2 hours at 325 won't thoroughly heat a stuffed turkey. Botulicious.

i love bill and all but

this sounds like a recipe from the white trash clinton years. all it's missing is mcdonald's french fries

Re: i love bill and all but

what the hell is that on your icon , is taht a cut ...*insert do not want pic*

Re: i love bill and all but

lol yep, it's a really vicious bite

Re: i love bill and all but

Bush era apparently:
""Pilgrim CEO Lonnie Pilgrim was a Bush pioneer in 2004, pledging to bring in more than $100,000 in contributions to the Bush/Cheney campaign, while Dunkin Donut is a long-time GOP contributor)."

(Deleted comment)

Re: i love bill and all but

lol so bill ate that way because he was a fatass; bush did bc he's a whore. good to know, thanks.

boy friend has been insisting on such a thing as white castle burger stuffing.

hmm. now ham cooked in co'cola works really well (put the ham and a 2-liter in the crockpot on high till the ham is cooked through) but never thought about it with turkey.

ad turkey needs to have CRISP GODDAMN SKIN! not this steamed breast down wet looking abomination that was served on the table last month. damn that looked NASTY. ok the meat was tender and moist but NO presentation points AT all.

I come from a line of Southern cooks who used Coca-Cola and 7-Up in all kinds of recipes, including ham glaze and cupcakes.

But I've got to say that this recipe makes me think, "... and then throw away the turkey and go out to dinner."

yep. This is a corporate montrosity only.

I know how to make Coca Cola cake, salad, and ham. But I am not touching this one. (I can make a nifty milky way cake as well.)

Yeah, called "Elvis salad" sometimes as well. It's a congealed (Jell-O) salad made with cherry jello, Coca Cola, canned cherries, cool whip, pecans, ect.

It's delicious, but I haven't made it in a long time. I'm not normally a congealed salad fan, but that one's fun.

sounds like a good hot day dessert :)

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