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Mini Pigs In a Blanket
Mountain J-Brew (Made by Allah Sulu)
j_brew wrote in trashy_eats
I know there are tons of recipes for these online but I looked for almost an hour to find one for mini ones with cheese in them.

So here's what we came up with

2014-05-01 21.23.32

More pics and recipe under the cut

You start with the mini hot dogs or cocktail weenies like(or similar) to these:

2014-05-01 20.37.04

Then a tube of crescent dough like or similar to this:

2014-05-01 20.37.10

And single cheese slices like (or similar) to this:

2014-05-01 20.37.32

Cut the cheese slices in little squares like this:

2014-05-01 20.37.52

Cut the crescent dough into small strips like this(we had a bit left over for the weenie ratio so just made a couple of extra rolls with them):

2014-05-01 20.38.04

Assemble like so and place on a non-sprayed, non-greased cookie sheet:

2014-05-01 20.37.14

Add a touch of any seasoning you like on top to give it extra flavor:

2014-05-01 20.44.59

Bake in the oven preheated at 350 deg. This will take about 20 min to bake but this could vary depending on your oven and how brown you want them to be. Just don't burn them!

Let them cool down and enjoy with your favorite dipping sauce :D

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Cool! Thanks for sharing the recipe. :)

I'm so confused as to why you felt like you neded a recipe, but they do look great!

Thanks for the recipe!

Roundy's! <3 They stopped selling Roundy's here in favour of some other generics and it crushed my soul.

That sounds incredibly good!!

Oh, those sound yummy and easy. I'll have to make them as a surprise for the hubby!

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