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Snickers "Slice N' Share"
theidolhands wrote in trashy_eats

Here a man demonstrates the normal-sized snicker next to a holiday Godzilla snickers.

Admit it...would you share?

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I got excited when I saw one of these, though I don't like Snickers. I found giant Reese's cups and a giant York peppermint patties in the same place, though, and bought them.

o__O WHERE?!? I love all three!

I bought them at Target (they're in the Christmas section, as gifts you could buy for people, but screw other people, it was a GIFT TO MYSELF). I've also seen the Snickers in Walmart, too.

I'm glad they at least have the Snickers in Walmart. I hope they get the others, too. The nearest Target to me is almost 100 miles away.

WHELP i guess i know where i'm going to go this week! :D

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