hamburger helper

Luscious and Low Rent

You Know You Like It

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add saurkraut, russian dressing, you have a dorm room reuben.

Oh sauerkraut would be so good on it.

YUM!!! I would dip that in yellow mustard as I ate it!
I dip everything in yellow mustard anyhow

OMG I hate yellow mustard. Can't stand the stuff.

I was the same way until I quit smoking, Now I LOVE THE STUFF!!

THIS! With red pepper flakes mixed in :)

Gourmet trash! :D hhmmmmmmm, yummy looking!

Seconding this! OMG I would do just about anything for one of those right now.

HELLS YEAH! so making this.

Yum, one of my favorites. I like smearing Caesar salad dressing on the inside of the bread and toasting it on a George Foreman Grill.

Holy crap yum! I see this as a lunch in my next few days!

I want to make love to this sandwich. And by that I mean eat it, of course...*shifty eyes*

(next time: maybe some kraut, too...)

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