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Grilled Cheese and hot dog sandwich.
The Chicks Can't Hold The Smoke
greeneyedsadie wrote in trashy_eats

I slit and grilled two Nathan's hot dogs. Then I spread margarine on a slice of cracked wheat sourdough bread, put it in the pan, put grated Mexican four cheese blend on it then put the hot dogs on top of the cheese. Add another slice of bread with outside buttered. Then cook both sides until cheese is melty! NOM this is so good. Perfect munchie food.

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add saurkraut, russian dressing, you have a dorm room reuben.

Oh sauerkraut would be so good on it.

YUM!!! I would dip that in yellow mustard as I ate it!
I dip everything in yellow mustard anyhow

OMG I hate yellow mustard. Can't stand the stuff.

I was the same way until I quit smoking, Now I LOVE THE STUFF!!

THIS! With red pepper flakes mixed in :)

Gourmet trash! :D hhmmmmmmm, yummy looking!

Seconding this! OMG I would do just about anything for one of those right now.

HELLS YEAH! so making this.

Yum, one of my favorites. I like smearing Caesar salad dressing on the inside of the bread and toasting it on a George Foreman Grill.

Holy crap yum! I see this as a lunch in my next few days!

I want to make love to this sandwich. And by that I mean eat it, of course...*shifty eyes*

(next time: maybe some kraut, too...)

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