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bluehairedchild wrote in trashy_eats
Dinner last night was chicken tenders made into a sandwhich by using hot dog buns, tomatoes, and ketchup. pork rinds were a side. Anyone else love pork rinds? My favorite so far have been some from a gas station in Lousiana that were chile and lime.

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I adore pork rinds! I usually just get whatever packaged ones I can find - spicy is my favorite, but I like plain ones just fine.

At one time I recall a brand that came in a microwave package like popcorn. They were so awesome I'd buy a case if I could find them again.

a brand that came in a microwave package like popcorn.

I would buy those.

i remember the microwave ones - haven't seen them for a couple of years. very tasty.

Try Rite-Aid. I saw them in one of their display booths.

We sell those where I work for a dollar the idea of microwave pork rinds kind of scares me and I actually like pork

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my favorite Louisiana-style cracklings are the meatier kind, not the poofy kind. DiSalvo's was always my favorite brand.

I've tried to like pork rinds, but they're always so flavorless whenever I try them.

That's easy to fix. Half a lemon, a salt shaker, and some hot sauce (Tabasco works if you can get past the vinegary taste) and you have a party!

Love them!! Especially with hot sauce

I saw a bag of these two days ago.

I don't... understand. Who came up with these and why?

I never really liked pork rinds, but the pork crackling they sell in the UK is AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!!! As far as I can tell they're the same thing, but not puffy... They're really crunchy and taste like bacon.

My husband and I both enjoy Mac's variety of pork rinds.

My husband's favorite is the Salt & Vinegar pork rind. I found a blog someone wrote about them with a picture of the bag included: So Good (An absurd look at the world of food)

Uuuuuuuuuugh. Mac's.

Mac's was a tasty brand, but the last time I had some they made me really sick. Dunno what happened. :(

I love chile and lime pork rinds! I get them in mexicantown.

I wasn't a fan for most of my life.

My father was an amateur butcher - people hired him to kill pigs and cut up the meat for them. He then sold off the surplus to neighbors and such. Well anyway he made pork rinds but I never liked them because he left most of the fat stuck to the skin. Then he got ill and he never made any again.

Two years or so ago, my mother brought home some stuff from a local butcher shop, and I had a bite. I loved it. Not much fat, just pure tasty pork skin. A year ago I was up in Tennessee and my sisters took me to one of their indoor market places, and I found one booth that had these for sale... they were awesome. Kinda pricey but awesome.

I don't buy these in the US much because they rarely make them with pig fat, instead using vegetable oil, and that shit is nasty with pork rinds.

in at the start of the swine flu stupidity panic pork rinds (called pork scratchings here - they are crunchier)were marked down to 10p (about 15 cents).


You should try them if you are ever in the UK. Great with beer!

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