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In & Out cheese fries!
abouthipsanck3s wrote in trashy_eats

*needs more salt.

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The theme of my son's birthday coming up on Sunday <3

This site is detrimental to dieting will-power. /stomach gurgles...

I DID NOT KNOW that you could get cheese fries at In 'n Out... I feel so empty now :(

well i haven't heard of in 'n out before. i must really be missing out.

It's a suthwest thing, AZ, CA, UT, probably NV. I don't know where else. They have a really simple menu (drinks, fries, hamburger, cheeseburger, double-double.) but their burgers are really good, especially their buns.
Their fries are always a disappointment in my opinion; the giant piles of potatoes behind the counter are fated for a dry and tasteless, albeit never frozen, death.
There's also their "secret menu," and in that case the animal-style fries are pretty decent- fries covered in cheese, grilled onion, and special sauce.

Definitely in Las Vegas b/c I ate there on Palm Sunday ;) The fries were pretty good (not steller but good) so I imagine that I lucked into a fresh batch.

Thx for the link to the secret menu, too :)

I knew there was one in Laughlin, so I assumed they were state-wide there. np with the link- it's kinda fun to go in and order stuff in a cryptic language most of the customers don't know about. :-)

Laughlin -- I ate at the Aquarius buffet :x DO NOT recommend that.

You know, their buns are almost the best part of the burger. Normally I'd disagree with you about the fries, but these were lacking.

It's a secret menu thing.
I deleted the previous comment because the article I linked didn't really talk about the menu thing like I thought. This one does:

omg those look so good.

ugghhh, I miss In-n-Out so hard!!
I used to live 5 minutes away from, now I'm in Washington state, where sadly, there is no In-n-Out.

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